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How to Make Your “Cat Eyes” Last All Day Long?

Perfect eye make-up is truly an art. After you spend half an hour or 45 minutes trying to make the perfect cat eyes, it is frustrating when it starts to fade away after only a few hours.

Make sure your work is really appreciated and lasts all day.

-Select a crayon that really lasts, as waterproof or liquid eyeliner, instead of an eye pencil.
-Put a stone powder as a base, before applying eye make-up.
-Watch out for grease, because they are a major cause of erasing and smearing of make-up.
-Multi-layer is very important – apply multiple layers of crayon or eyeliner, but also use an eyeshadow with the same color to pass over the line.
-Do not forget mascara, which is your best friend.

And if you don’t know how to easily make cat eyes by yourself, here is one great video tutorial. I hope you’ll like it:

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