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Is She a Medical Phenomenon? She Stopped Aging in her 30s, Mostly Thanks to This Stuff!

Pamela is mostly annoyed, because most people think that she is in fact her 20 year old son’s girlfriend.

When they see her, people first think that Pamela Jacobs (UK, 52 years old, originally from South Asia) has around 30 years. However, her ID shows even 22 years more! With her 52 years, Pamela looks almost perfect.

She owes her flawless complexion and fit body to genetics, as well as the care in which she invests heavily. She speaks of her healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and as one of the main things important for her appearance she states – coconut oil.

Apply it 2 times a day on the whole body as a moisturizer, it removes make-up, and once a week brush it on dry skin and bathe in detoxifying bath with Himalayan salt.

Coconut oil is used from an early age in the diet (cook with it and puts it in coffee), and for skin and hair care. Once a week she applies a large amount of coconut oil on her face, before going to bed and sleep with the mask. In the morning her skin, as she says, – is reborn.

She says that her biggest issue is that people often think that she is actually the girlfriend of her son, who is 21 years old.

A lot of young men court her, but Pamela loves the older ones. Many people also think that Pamela is a student. Last time she was buying a ticket to London, she was proposed to use a discount for students.

In her diet the rule is 80/20, which means that 80% of her diet is healthy organic food, and 20% of those not-so-healthy, such as pudding, alcohol and chocolate, but black organic.

She avoids bread, sugar, pasta and too much fruit, and loves green leafy vegetables, water with lemon, protein foods, turmeric, ginger and pepper…

She regularly exercises and goes to a sauna followed by a shower with cold water.

Along with coconut oil, still the main advice for beauty that she gives is: The woman should have self-confidence and a big smile on her face!

Why is the coconut oil so great?

It is one of the few foods that can be really called as a superfood. Recently, a lot of excitement was raised around coconut that makes you wonder what is so special about it.

Coconut oil contains a distinctive mixture of fatty acids with strong medicinal properties and something known as medium chain fatty triglycerides.  The most triglycerides in fatty acids are reviewed as long chain, but coconut oil is metabolized differently. The triglycerides are going from the liver in the digestive tract, where used as a quick source of energy. Spots where coconut oil is consumed are thought to be the healthiest in the world.

In our Western society, this oil is still considered as an exotic food that is mainly consumed by people who are aware of the importance of a healthy diet. In some parts of the world it comes under dietary products. In the South Pacific, people take 60 percent of their calories from coconut, and they are also the largest buyers of saturated fats in the world. These kinds of people have outstanding health, and heart diseases are less often than the rest of the world.

Easy digestion

A lot of people suffer from digestive problems. They need to consider adding coconut oil in their diet. Coconut oil helps with digestive disturbances, which includes intestinal problems and microbiological bacteria in the stomach. Fatty acids include antimicrobial properties that soothe candida, bacteria, and parasites that cause indigestion.

Cooking at a high temperature

Because of the medium chain fatty acids, this oil has a higher temperature limit than most oils. You may find out that you like it more than olive oil, particularly if you cook recipes that need high temperatures. Olive oil oxidizes once it reaches the point of opacity, and creates free radicals.

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