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Is She a Medical Phenomenon? She Stopped Aging in her 30s, Mostly Thanks to This Stuff!

Slows the aging process and the formation of wrinkles

Coconut oil is not only used in food, as it provides many advantages for the beauty of the skin. Coconut oil prevents wrinkles and other skin problems, and also helps maintain the connective tissue strong. Apply it directly on your face to reduce the appearance of wrinkles or use it every day to give your skin a nice glow!

There is a saying that we should not put anything on our face that we cannot eat. In the world of beauty coconut oil is a gold mine, claim fans of natural cosmetics, but also many experts who point out that this gift of nature may well replace expensive cosmetics loaded with chemicals.

The organic, virgin coconut oil is the perfect ally in diet, beauty and hygiene. It smells heavenly, and the taste… It is irreplaceable as an ingredient in creams, toothpastes, deodorants, sunbathing products, also as a massage oil, body lotion, soft and moisturizing exfoliation, facial cleanser and makeup remover, and as a conditioner that nourishes the hair.

As for coconut oil as the main face cream, this oil suits the vast majority of people, they say their skin is nourished and smooth, the oil has a natural SPF 4 and natural vitamin E anti-aging, the texture is light, absorbs quickly, no greasy splendor and has a wonderful smell (and if you lick it, there is no problem J). However, for some people who have a brighter and more sensitive skin, coconut oil for the face can be too heavy and can clog the pores, so rather use shea or shea butter, jojoba oil, argan, almond or olive oil. If you have sensitive skin, experiment yourself and see what suits you…

The recipe for instant refresh of tired skin is of course brightener or highlighter, but you can achieve the same magical effect with the help of coconut oil. The trick is simple – it is enough to apply quite a bit of coconut oil over the makeup on the cheeks and your face will shine with freshness, and you will look younger. All natural products that are based on coconut oil contain pigments that reflect light and will refresh tired face in an instant.

Coconut oil penetrates the hair very deeply, and thoroughly regenerates and prevents the loss of proteins. Put a little oil on your palm, approximately how much it would cost the 2-kuna coin, and spread it over the hair and extend the comb from the scalp to the tips. Roll up the hair on your head and put a shower cap, and let the oil act overnight and in the morning wash your hair with mild shampoo.

On unruly hair and tips rub a few drops of oil, and it will in no time restore the shine.

Body scrub

Melt ½ cup of coconut oil and pour it over a cup of brown sugar or salt, and stir the mixture. On the natural scrub that deeply hydrates the skin, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or vanilla extract, advises the dermatologist Dr. Low Dog.

For hands

Coconut oil has a miraculous effect on the skin of the hands, which is chronically dry by frequent washing. Therefore, put the bottle of oil in the sink after washing the dishes, and also after washing your hands, and apply a little coconut oil on your hands. This will help the skin retain moisture and your hands will be soft and smooth.

Body lotion

Virgin coconut oil improves skin hydration and reduces moisture loss with extremely dry skin, and can replace expensive body lotions. With circular massaging motion rub the oil.

Coconut oil will perfectly remove all makeup – eye-shadow, crayon around the eyes, and even waterproof mascara. Put a little coconut oil on a cotton wool and gently wipe the area of the eyes and eyelids, and then wash. In addition to removing makeup, the oil will also deeply hydrate.




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