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Natural Remedy For the Thyroid Gland in Case of a Iodine Deficiency (Recipe)

This beverage successfully treats thyroid gland in case of a iodine deficiency. Only one course of this beverage will be enough.



– 40 pieces of green fine walnuts

– 1 kg of homemade honey

– Several small or one large glass jar


Wash well the walnuts, dry them and prick them with a needle several times, or with a sharp knife make narrow cuts in them. Put the walnuts in a jar, cover them with honey and then leave the jar in the open, exposed to the sun. This procedure should last at least 40 days, then use a strainer and pour the liquids in a glass bottle.


The course of this beverage lasts until it is used up. Drink every morning on an empty stomach in a gin glass.

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