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Never Ignore These 4 Unconventional Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer affects both women and men. It is known as the most common form of cancer. Most of the breast cancer cases are diagnosed among people with the age of 40 and up, but it tends to be more aggressive among younger people. The chances of getting this disease increase as we get older, but if you detect it at an early stage, it could be life saving.

breast cancer signs

It is very important that we know our body, because usually the earliest stages of breast cancer come without any pain. The discovery of a lump is the most common indicator, but usually the cancer goes through several progressive stages before the lumps form and it sometimes takes years. Most important is that people should not rely only on lumps to indicate breast cancer, because they already indicate a thriving disease.

Some of the most common signs of breast cancer are:

– Changes in the skin or nipple

– Change in breast structure

– Appearance of lumps

But here are some of the not so known signs of breast cancer:

1. Back pain

The pain is usually felt in the upper back between the shoulder blades. The discomfort is attributed with inflammation of the spine, muscle pain, stretching the tendon and ligaments in the back. Tumors sometimes can be felt in the spine and ribcage, because they developed deep within the breast tissue.

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