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New Documentary About “Healthy” Food Reveals The Horrible Bitter Truth About Sugar

Damon Gameau, Australian actor and director, for 60 days ate “healthy” foods (foods that are commonly perceived as healthy) with low fat, but with a large percentage of sugar. The entire process was documented and the results are more than shocking.

that sugar film

In just three weeks, Damon continuously feels awful, lethargic and very irritable. Doctors have diagnosed him with a fatty liver.

– I wasn’t drinking sodas, nor eating chocolates, ice cream or candy. The sugar which was entered in my body was from the so-called healthy foods, like low calorie yogurt, muesli, fruit juices, sports drinks. Mostly food that parents give to their children, thinking it is healthy” – Damon says in his documentary “That Sugar film”.

During this experiment, Damon gets 10 inches of belly fat, and his mental function is described as unstable.

He took up to 40 teaspoons of sugar DAILY, a little more than the amount that enters the average teenager. For comparison, the maximum recommended daily amount of sugar intake is 9 teaspoons for men and 6 for women.

that sugar film

For breakfast he ate low calorie yogurt, cereals and apple juice which he bought from the store. Surprisingly or not, that was 20 teaspoons of sugar.

-I don’t say that people need to stop eating sugar, but just be aware what you’re eating. 80 percent of all processed foods goes to sugar.” – tells Damon.

What’s left to say after watching the trailer… Don’t buy processed food, even it’s in shiny package and even if it says “healthy” on the label. Read the whole labels, read the ingredients, be smart, cook your own food, don’t let the food industry dictate your health! Be smart, be healthy!

Now watch the trailer and tell us what you think:

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