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This Optical Illusion Reveals How Stressed You Are in 2 Seconds!

Stress is what lies in the back of our minds, every day, even if we are resting, watching TV etc.

In America, stress is an alarming epidemic. Work-related stress is to blame for 10% of strokes and 60% of all diseases and illnesses. It is responsible for billions of medical bills, and more than what obesity costs the nation.

Do you know how to tell when you are stressed? The usual signs are headaches, upset stomach, muscle tension and chest pain. But, there is a “fun” way to check up on your stress level.

Akioshi Kitaoka, a Japanese psychiatrist created a set of pictures designed to help viewers of the pictures determine their state of mind.

If you look at the image and it is still, than you are relaxed. If it is moving slowly, it means you are a tad stressed. If it is really moving around, than it means you are super stressed.  

Here are some of the images to test your stress levels:
Psychology Stress Brain Test Psychology Stress Brain Test Psychology Stress Brain Test

So, how stressed are you really?

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