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Plank – The Ultimate Exercise That Everybody is Talking About! Wanna Know Why? [TIPS AND VIDEOS]

You’re probably thinking about doing any exercise for better abs, but actually it is difficult to make all those complex abdominal exercises. Here is a simple way to increase the endurance of the muscles of your body that will be the basis for more complex exercises for your abdomen.

If your body musculature is generally weak and you start some aggressive program for abdominal muscles with various abdominal pressure without proper technique of performing, it is very likely you’ll overload your spine that can result in pain in the lumbar area.

The best way to make a proper introduction or a base for a heavier exercises, is to strengthen the whole body to prevent any injury.


Board or plank is one of the best exercises that strengthens the deep muscles of the trunk, which provides a good basis for upgrading the facade. This exercise does not include movement but retaining a certain position of the body, although there are some modifications which involved some movement. Basically it is a static exercise (closed kinetic chain) that does not require equipment and is a practical and efficient with the possibility of improvisation and modification.

Plank is more efficient than dynamic exercises that usually trigger only superficial musculature and primarily focus on a smaller group and isolate muscles. Unlike these isometric exercises, plank activates the muscles of the back, chest, arms and thighs as the basis for better durability and potential of muscle coupling the entire trunk. Once you improve the stabilization of the trunk, you will have a better basis for performing various exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups and dorsal extension.

See the table on how long you should do this exercise on page 2 =>

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