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Please, Do Not Let Your Children Sit This Way, It’s Dangerous!

The most common sitting position among children is in the form of the letter W. They usually sit like this while they play. A lot of people are not aware of the issue of this kind of sitting. The sitting causes destruction of hip rotation points, which can further lead to serious orthopedic problems.

Who should not W-sit?

Although there are a few groups of children that should in no circumstances sit in this position, we should point out that, it is best for no child to sit in the w-position.

Here are the groups of children that should not sit like this:

– If there is a history of hip dysplasia, w-sitting can make the child more inclined to hip dislocation.

– W-sitting will aggravate muscle tightening. The position places the hip adductors, hamstrings, heel cords and internal rotators in a shortened range. Whether the child is prone to contractures or tightness, encourage them to sit in a different way.

– There are developmental delays/neurologic concerns. If the child has an increased muscle tone, W-sitting will feed into the abnormal patterns (of movement) trying to be avoided.

The easiest way to prevent the child from this sitting position is to stop it from becoming a habit. And if the child does make it a habit of sitting like this, you should be consistent in moving him into another sitting position.

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