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Protein Diet That Melt Pounds Like Crazy! The Dukan Child Conquers The World!


This diet already has the reputation of “the most successful” French child for all the time!

The Protein diet, devised by a French doctor and dietician nutritionist Pierre Dukan, so far, judging by a recent study, have tried more than 3 million French and they rated it as the fastest way to losing excess weight and maintain the new weight!


Dukan diet is based on food regimen that most resembles the one that has been used by the caveman, when he was in the developmental stage of the hunter. It includes 100 food items, which 72 are from animal origin and 28 are plants.

This scientifically balanced diet, which provides incredibly good results, is applied to a single program in four phases, of which the first two melt pounds, and the other two prevent their return.

dukan diet-phases

The first phase, which is already popularly called the “attack phase” allows you to eat as much as you like choosing between 72 dishes, while in the second stage “phase of navigation”, you continue to eat foods rich in protein with the addition of 28 types of vegetables.

In the third phase you begin to add fruit, cheese, bread and starches, losing a kilogram every 10 days, and in the last phase, or “stabilization phase”, you can eat whatever you want following few simple rules.

Many international authorities agree that Dukan method is the most effective method in the fight against one of the biggest health problems of the modern world. The Dukan child program has become a way of life for numerous celebrities including Kate Middleton, Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lo.

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