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Rainbow Diet For Detoxification, Boosting Immunity And Weight Loss

Can I have your attention please? Ok, here are some magical dishes in different color for each day of the week. The purpose of this 6-day rainbow diet is to load your body with vitamins and valuable nutrients, to cleanse the accumulated toxins and boost the metabolism. Combined with enough movement and exercise, you’ll get these results: increased immune system and 2-3 pounds less!

1st day – Orange

Breakfast – Roasted pumpkin with honey, ginger and cinnamon + mango slices and a handful of walnuts

Snack – 2 paradise apples

Lunch – carrot and pumpkin soup

Snack – Orange smoothie:

Blend in blender 1 carrot, 1 persimmon, a few dried apricots, add ½ tsp yogurt and once beat in a blender.

Dinner – baked carrots and sweet potatoes with walnuts and spices:

Cut the carrots into sticks and the sweet potatoes into wheels and bake for 25 minutes at 200 degrees, then mix with the chopped parsley and crushed walnuts. Season it with honey, olive oil, crushed garlic and lemon juice.

food rainbow

2nd day – Yellow

Breakfast – poached eggs with a little onion and parsley, corn and avocado pieces

Snack – 1 orange

Lunch – Yellow peppers stuffed with rice, carrots, parsley, onions and tomatoes

Snack – Yellow smoothie:

1 orange cut into pieces, 1 lemon rind, 1 ½ banana and mango. Mix, drink

Dinner – Salmon cooked with steamed asparagus and lemon juice

3rd day – White

Breakfast – muesli with almond milk and coconut

Snack – cottage cheese with raisins and apple

Lunch – Cauliflower cream soup and celery root:

Cut the potatoes, cauliflower and fresh ginger. Cook in water with lemon until they became just a little soft. Smash the onions and celery root and fry them just a bit with olive oil. They add the cauliflower and the potatoes and stew 13-15 minutes. Strain the vegetables with a little water and add green onions or parsley.

Afternoon snack – yogurt with fruit and nuts

Dinner – whitefish

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