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What Really Causes Cancer?

A lot of people believe that what causes a single cell to be cancerous is the DNA damage. While this is true, it is also really unlikely that DNA damage can cause any cell to become cancerous.

In the past 125 years, there were many findings about cancer. Dr. Rife’s discovery was shut down rather than getting a Nobel Prize, and his inventory and lab were destroyed.

It is supposed that the pharmaceutical industry and conventional medicine are diligently searching for the cures for cancer. They are actually looking for massive profits from selling patented chemicals i.e. drugs.

If curing cancer was on their agenda that would mean cutting into their profits.

Patents, is what it is all about. They are the primary drivers of the war against natural medicine by the FDA, the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry. Also, the media is part of the conspiracy.

Very few patients start treatments with natural medicine, even though researchers nowadays know much more about cancer than in the 1930s.

There is also a technological device stimulated by Dr. Rife’s equipment.

How microbes in the cancer cells cause cancer

The microbes in the cancer cells block the making of ATP energy. Here is what causes the ATP to be made in a healthy cell.

1. Glucose receptors, in a normal cell, allow glucose in the cell.

2. The glucose is converted into pyruvate, in a 10-step chain reaction (chemical).

3. This pyruvate enters in the cell’s mitochondria.

4. The pyruvate is at the very beginning of a chain reaction known as “Krebs Cycle” or “Citric Acid Cycle”.

5. Half-way through the cycle (Citric Acid Cycle), a second chain reaction occurs, known as “Electron Transport Chain”.

These cycles make most of the ATP energy.

Does DNA damage cause cancer?

A couple of cancer researchers discovered that 1 or more of the microbes in the cancer cell puncture the cell nucleus (location of the DNA).

The DNAs of the cancer microbes and the cell may “mix” together and also change the DNA of the cancer cell, which causes DNA damage. But, this is not what causes cancer. This is only a symptom that the microbes are present.

Three various studies, show that turmeric is the most effective herb of eliminating Helicobacter Pylori, and the cells become normal.

The researchers of natural medicine use traditional methods as a cure for cancer.

There are a lot of natural medicine cancer clinics that are run by doctors who decided to follow natural medicine.

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