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Save Someone’s Life – How to Recognize the Symptoms of STROKE?

Summer heat bothers anyone, especially those with lower immunity and chronically ill. Frequent strokes, sadly, are an inevitable part of the summer period, so it is good to know how to recognize the symptoms so you can intervene in time.

The biggest problem occurs in the mild type of a stroke, in which either it cannot be identified or the symptoms are wrongly interpreted. But the second stroke, if there is any, could be fatal. The following symptoms may help you save someone’s life.

stroke fast

When having a stroke, the person:

1. Won’t be able to smile, when told to.

2. Will have difficulties in pronunciation of any simple sentence (eg. “Today is sunny”)

3. Won’t be able to raise both arms at all, or only partially.

4. Make them show their tongue. If inverted, if focused on one or the other side, it is a sign of a stroke.

If the person has difficulties while completing these requirements, immediately call an ambulance and describe the symptoms to a doctor.

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