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Scientists Agree That Marijuana Reduces The Pain and Improves The Mood

If you have chronic pain, smoke marijuana freely and you will feel much better – recommended by the Canadian scientists.

The Canadian team published the results of the survey on the impact of medicinal marijuana on individuals with serious chronic pain. The study reveals that patients, who used cannabis daily in the period of one year, did not have serious side effects in relation to the control group who did not use marijuana.

cannabis vs aspirin

The research will serve as the first serious scientific report on the advantages of the long-term use of medicinal marijuana.

This is the first and largest study on the long-term use of medicinal cannabis on patients who suffer from chronic pain”, said the lead author of the study, Mark Ware.

Scientists have discovered that the medicinal marijuana used by the experienced patients has a “reasonable secure compromise”, i.e. it does not affect general health. Patients, in average used 2.5 grams of cannabis daily, either by smoking, evaporation or orally.

Scientists did not find evidence of harmful effects of marijuana on cognitive abilities, nor any problems in blood tests. A significant reduction is noted in the level of pain as well as the improvement in mood and better quality of life among those who used medicinal marijuana in relation to the rest of the control group. Researchers stated that patients have voluntarily agreed and that the majority are experienced users.






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