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The Secret of Successful People : Stand up and Move on!


Why are so many successful people successful ? It’s easy – they never gave up. Our history remembers how many great men were faced with numerous obstacles on they way to success, that they were forced to show more determination and courage. Read this and remember: Every time you fail at something at work or at college remind yourself that the fall is just the first step to success.

That “blessing”experienced on her skin Oprah Winfrey, who was fired from her first job as a television reporter because she wasn’t enough sexy and cute to fit on the small screen . That was said by one producer with Baltimore television. Several decades later, Oprah is on the first place on Forbes list of the richest women in show business. The secret of her success is simple – she believed in herself and her destiny .

famous failures

Einstein is synonymous with genius. But he didn’t show his talent at first. He didn’t talk until his forth year, and when he was seven, he still didn’t know the numbers and how to talk to other people, which is the environment began to interpret this as a handicap. He was even expelled from school and was rejected on the Polytechnic. He finished with a Nobel Prize . 

A great example of persistence is certainly Walt Disney who was beginning his career in the newspaper and he was fired because of his “uninventive” drawings. His work was characterized as unimaginative. And before inventing Mickey, Donald and the others, he began businesses that collapsed like a tower made of cards and went bankrupt at the end of this period of life.

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