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Several Ways You Can Prevent Premature Menopause

Recent studies have shown that women are entering menopause earlier.

That happens due to exposure to certain harmful substances that are connected with the weakening of the ovarian function, and therefore affect the reproductive function. Discover which substances we are talking about…

early menopause

This study was conducted on 31.575 women aged 45 to 55 years, where the analysis of the urine and blood showed that women, who had higher concentrations of chemicals in them, entered 1.9 to 3.8 years earlier in menopause than other women. It is about harmful substances like dioxin (found in pesticides) and phthalate found in perfumes, plastics, cosmetics and hair sprays. The research has shown that exposure to these substances was connected with the weakening of the ovarian function, which affected negatively on the reproductive capabilities.

That is just a part of the story”, said Dr. Cooper, the lead researcher.

According to the fact that many of these substances are all around us, women do not have much room for action. That is why she advises everyone to avoid perfumes that contain phthalates and to use cosmetics on natural base, the one that does not contain different types of pesticides. She also warns to avoid products packed in plastic containers.

Our goal is not to frighten you, but only to raise the level of awareness of this problem”, she said.




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