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She Was Surprised When in One Night, She Managed to Reduce 2,5 cm From Her Waist With These Body Wraps …

Colin is a mother of three children who started practicing this habit when she watched a video on YouTube, despairing to lose a centimeter in size.

She was surprised when just in one night, she managed to reduce 2,5 cm in waist size with these body wraps.

Now, she reveals her secret for a flat stomach with all women who are dubious and do not believe in tricks for weight loss.

All you need is a lotion with algae, plastic wrap and a bandage. The initial step is applying a thin layer of the lotion on your skin.

Then you bend with a plastic wrap, you just need to be careful not to tighten it too much. Wear it overnight.

Wrap the foil with a bandage, so it won’t slip. Do not be upset, you can sleep normally,“ says Colin.

The video below reveals how this treatment works:

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