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Simple and Healthy Dessert – Make the Best Energy Bars With Three Ingredients


A must make sweet recipe! Especially if you strictly watch your intake of sweets but you miss the energy bars. Preparation is so simple, that it can’t be simpler, and the ingredients are healthy and they are great allies in the fight for ‘fit’ body. Definitely better and more cost-effective solution than purchasing energy bars!

The original recipe consists raisins, almonds and dates, where the last two ingredients are a base, while raisins can be substituted with some other dried fruit .

You can add to the mix some cinnamon, cocoa, dark chocolate pieces or coconut.

weight lost energy bars

Why is This Recipe Great For Weight Loss?

Snacking raisins controls hunger and increase satiety, announced Canadian scientists. This way it prevents excessive calorie intake and prolongs the feeling of satiety. Almonds are a super food if you want a slim figure – also reduce the desire for food, but also build muscles. Dates represent an ideal snack that will provide you enough energy for the rest of the day, and because of the wide variety of content of essential nutrients, and because of the potential positive effects on the health, dates may be considered as an almost ideal food!

As we have already said, the preparation of these energy bars is very simple. Just watch the video:

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