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Skinny Jeans Can Seriously Harm You: Woman Hospitalized For 4 Days After Wearing Them!

Wearing tight, skinny jeans whole day may endanger your health, warned recently the Australian doctors because they ware faced with a case in their hospital – helping a woman who temporarily couldn’t feel her legs after several hours kneeling in tight jeans.

A women (35) was admitted to hospital after she fainted, because she spent more hours in tight jeans, helping her relatives with their moving, and squatting a lot while she was packing and cleaning.

Squeezing Into Skinny Jeans

Her case was published in a special expert British journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Psychiatry. 

-She was wearing tight “skinny” jeans and complained that at some time they became narrower and uncomfortable – says the publication “Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery and Psychiatry”.

Later that night, she couldn’t feel her feet and could not go, so she fell down and couldn’t move and she spend several hours lying down before she was being found and taken to hospital.

The legs of the women were very swollen, so the doctors had to cut the jeans to take them off – was written in the report.

 She could not move the ankle and toes, she lost feeling in the lower part of her legs and feet. She stayed in a hospital for 4 days!

The doctors at the hospital said that jeans, combined with bending and squatting led to interruption of blood flow in the muscles. At the same time, the nerves in the lower legs ware damaged by the long-term pressure, thus lost control of movements and felt tingling.

Dr. Thomas Kimber from Royal Hospital Adelaide said that the damage shocked the doctors, but perhaps the problem was that the jeans weren’t made by some stretchy material.

So girls, be careful what you choose to wear, it may cost your health!

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