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Smoker or Nonsmoker, You Need to Know This: How to Clean Your Lungs in Three Days

Our lungs increasingly suffer from the high level of toxins in the air. Now, here is how to clean your lungs in only 3 days.

A lot of people do not smoke cigarettes and yet they have problems with their lungs. This method is mainly for smokers, but no matter if you are a smoker or you are not, it will definitely help you clean your lungs from toxins.

First you need to do, is stop eating and drinking dairy products, 2 days before the process. The evening before you start the regimen, drink a glass of herbal tea before you go to bed.

This will help you remove the toxins from the intestines, which is important for the lungs, because they cannot be overburdened during the process.


– In 300 ml of water squeeze 2 lemons, and drink it before breakfast.

– Drink 300 ml of pineapple or grapefruit juice.

– Drink 300 ml of pure carrot juice, between breakfast and lunch.

– Drink 400 ml of juice rich in potassium, during lunch.

– Drink 400 ml of cranberry juice at bedtime.

Recipe for the juice rich in potassium:

– 350 g parsnip

– 350 g green peppers

– 200 g watercress

– 350 g cucumbers

Squeeze all this ingredients in a juicer. It should be 400 ml of juice.

During the days of drinking the juices, you should also exercise, get a sufficient amount of sleep, and make a hot bath for about 20 minutes a day, as it will increase detoxification.

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