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Sore Throat? This Syrup Will Solve Your Problem in Just 4 Hours

The season of colds and viruses, unfortunately, has slowly started to take its swing, and sore throat is particularly common and of course, an intolerable symptom.

Our ancestors have different experiences in the treatment of various diseases that ruled throughout history, particularly at the time when pharmacies and drugs were not available to all.

This medicine according to old beliefs can help you heal the sore throat and the inflammation of the tonsils in just 4 hours.

sore throat


– 250ml water

– 80g ground cumin

– 1 tablespoon vinegar


Grind the cumin in a coffee grinder. Pour 200ml water in a pot, add the cumin and place it on a hotplate to boil. Leave it to simmer over low heat for about 15 minutes. You should get a thick sticky mixture.

Then add 50ml of water and wait again to boil. Remove it from the heat, leave it to cool, and then add the vinegar.

Take 1 tablespoon of this drink every half hour. Already, after 2 hours you should feel a meaningful relief, and after 4 hours the pain should completely disappear.

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