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Starving, But Still Fat?! These 4 Reasons May be Responsible For Not Losing Weight

Sometimes getting fat is illogical. Just when you started eating less, the scale shows more weight since the last time you measured. Such indications show that it might be hormonal disorder.

That means that there are cases where you are not responsible for getting fatter. Here are some other health related causes:

Thyroid gland – you must have heard that improper function of the thyroid gland can raise the weight from 2 to 5 kg. How obesity actually occurs? The thyroid gland does not secrete enough hormones that convert calories into energy. That means, they start to pile up, and the affected feels cold and constant fatigue.

Antidepressants – drugs designed to enhance mental health affect the weight gain, because they stimulate the appetite. They are prescribed because mental illness reduces the desire to eat.

Polycystic ovaries – it’s about the increased presence of male hormones in the body. The body becomes resistant to insulin, which increases the need for carbohydrates. Women with this syndrome have problems with oily skin and facial hair.

Bacteria in the intestine – it is possible to show difference in the amount of bacteria normally present in the intestine. The difference can change the proper utilization of calories. For these reasons, some people are more and others less prone to obesity.

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