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Are We Still Paying For The Vitamins That Are Killing Us?

Do you take “multivitamins” which slowly but surely are killing you? Do you think you’re doing the right thing while removing the pill from the colorful, beautifully designed boxes and swallowing it, convinced that you’re taking the elixir of life, all in the name of health? On what basis do you choose them? Based on the packaging, name or ad that tells you that the artificial vitamins are virtually better than the real thing? Do you really believe that the unknown powder is healthier than non-sprayed apples or pears?

killing pills

WAKE UP! These advertisements are made by the same ones who make the pills and sell them in exchange for your hard-earned money.

“Other Ingredients”

Have you ever actually read the label, investigate any synthetic supplement, or even checked what the “other ingredients” are, or you just decided that it doesn’t matter? If you are responsible for taking any of these supplements, now is the right moment to buy yourself a new liver and kidney, and it is time to detoxify the colon. And you better learn something about them, because time is running out. Did you know that toxic vitamin cheaters can not be absorb by our body?

Dangerous, shocking additions to your bad vitamins, listed as “other ingredients” include talc, dyes, sodium benzoate, methyl – cellulose, carnauba wax, silicon and/or titanium dioxide. If you don’t know any of these supplements, just know this – they can hurt you!

In mid-1930, multivitamins became available in pharmacies and mixed goods stores. Then, the other ingredients were natural concentrates, dried and pressed fruits and vegetables. However, in the early 1940s, some brands have started the production of synthetic pills and in that point begins the crime.


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