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STRESSSS! No, Thank You. Read These 13 Free Advice to Reduce Your Stress


1) Love your work. You will work better .

2) Imagine a goal and try to reach it. Nothing is too hard. Just try.

3) Make a list of your stress factors and try to eliminate those who are responsible for your unnecessary worries and frustrations.

4) Don’t try to please everyone, because you will not achieve it .

5) Be as you are. Try not to live in a world that is not yours. You don’t need to spend your energy for adaptation to someone’s else reality.

6) Think of yourself .

7) If it’s necessary, reduce the contact with the people you know, stop the meetings, phone calls… Avoiding them is better than unnecessary battles with those who make you nervous.


8) Say what you think, what do you feel, do not keep it to yourself .

9) Solve your problems, do not get away from them and leave them for tomorrow.

10) Prepare yourself for your professional, family, emotional changes… Too many simultaneous changes leads to stress .

11) Bring in the “gaps” in your workday routine activity and “stability zone” that doesn’t require any effort of adaptation .

12) Find a peaceful place and take 15 minutes twice a day to rest there. Don’t aloud anyone or anything to disturb you.

13) Sometimes leave your car and learn to walk slowly. Reduce the burden of your work and sacrifice some time for leisure.

Remember: You are the only one that is responsible for your health. Think brighter, live longer.

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