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Super-Serum Oil of Only 2 Ingredients: The Best Homemade Wrinkles Under Eyes Remedy [RECIPE]

This natural serum will delight you: it is simple – and really works! You only need 2 ingredients: pure olive oil and vitamin E.

Why these 2 ingredients?

Olive oil is one of the ancient riches for women’s radiant and beautiful complexion. Starting from ancient Egyptian times, women use this product to increase the beauty of their skin in a natural way. Today we are going to share the secret with you, on how to use olive oil for beautiful skin around the eyes – elastic and no visible wrinkles.

Did you ever wonder why women who live in the southern, Mediterranean countries have such wonderful skin and beautiful, thick hair? Olive oil is their secret. This wonderful natural product hydrates and nourishes the skin and hair. Being naturally rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, it facilitates the rejection of toxins from the body.


Today, olive oil is widely used in the beauty industry, creating many advantages for beautiful skin. Helps maintain the elasticity of the skin makes it smooth and radiant, nourishes the hair giving it a healthy glow. Olive oil is a successful way of preventing early signs of aging and various skin problems.

It softens, gives the skin a glow, prevents premature aging and wrinkling, and also hydrates.

Vitamin E is considered as the vitamin of beauty and youth. It slows down the aging of the skin, reduces wrinkles, and reduces fatigue. The skin is rejuvenated and become tighter.

Vitamin E, or tocopherol, has a regenerative effect on the skin, smoothens the wrinkles. It is best if you buy the one that is produced by the cold pressing of wheat germ.

The main role of vitamin E is the antioxidant protection against harmful effects of free radicals. With its antioxidant effect, protects the skin from products of natural metabolic processes and harmful environmental influences. It neutralizes the oxidation effects of UV rays on proteins and lipids of cell membranes, and thus the formation of free radicals, which are an important factor in the process of premature aging. It has an anti-inflammatory activity, reduces erythema that occurs after sunbathing or the action of harmful substances and accelerates the regeneration of damaged cells, thus reducing the time of wound healing. Reduces transepidermal water loss, moisturizes and softens the skin. It prevents the formation of lipoperoxide, which encourages peeling skin and creating comedones. It increases the activity of enzymes in the skin. It has a regenerative effect on the skin, smoothens the wrinkles. It is effective for treating scars (is used even in surgery).

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