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Talcum Powder is Linked to Ovarian Cancer. Shocking Reasons to Stop Using it Immediately!

Talcum powder may cause lung cancer if you inhale it and that could increase the risk for ovarian cancer.

However, the FDA still hasn’t pulled this product from the market.

Here are some evidence supporting talc’s possible health risks:

talcum powder

– Baby powder is no longer recommended for prevention of diaper rash treatment, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.

– Cancer Prevention Coalition has proposed a label for all Talc products, saying that frequent use of talcum powder, in female genital area, increases the risk of ovarian cancer.

– Johnson’s Baby Powder has a current warning label.

– Exert from Material Safety Data Sheet. And also important to say that talc contains small amounts of crystalline silica that may cause serious health problems on its own.

– Talc has been compromised in many reports of respiratory distress, lung irritation, respiratory failure and even death upon inhalation.

– There are many reports and warnings that suggest increased risk of ovarian cancer when the talcum powder is applied to genital area.

– Carcinogen asbestos is closely related to talc.

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