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Terrifying Harmful Effects of The Artificial Sweetener Called Aspartame or E951!

You can no longer go to the store and buy some gum without aspartame in it as a supplement! In the seventies, Searle had tried to get approval to use aspartame in the products, but they failed! It took 3 attempts, because in their study conducted in monkeys most of the test subjects died or they were suffering from cancer!

diet coke zero aspartame

Now there are studies conducted by the European Union and they get the results of children born with too little weight, premature births and abortions from those women who consumed aspartame-based drinks such as: “Coca Cola” and “Pepsi Max”. It’s just terrifying!

What is actually Aspartame?

 It’s fecal waste from genetically modified E-coli bacteria! They genetically modified it, feed it with toxic waste and then she “discharges” out aspartame! It is very toxic and poisonous, and there are so many side effects that it is unspeakable!

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