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The 50 Latest Coconut Oil Benefits Backed by Science

Even though coconut oil was seen as dangerous to our health, through the years science has proven that it is not.

The story was tied with the saturated fat myth that even to this day runs unchecked spreading misconceptions.

Coconut oil and the saturated fat myth

This myth came about in the late 1970s, where people were led to believe that foods that are high in saturated fats were supposed to be avoided. Foods like egg yolk, butter, animal fats and surely, coconut oil.

Scientific evidence has been released to prove the opposite. Also, many indigenous countries value saturated fats.

Over 50 coconut oil uses (some might surprise you):

1. It’s a great substitute for butter

2. Coconut oil for cooking

3. Nutritional food booster

4. Great for paleo and vegan

5. Make decadent chocolate treats

6. Helps to balance hormones

7. Stimulant free appetite suppressant

8. More energy and boosts metabolism

9. Boosts brain function

10. Balances blood sugar

11. Soothes sore throat

12. Treating cold sores

13. Treatment for Candida overgrowth

14. Treatment for infections and ear aches

15. Increases immune system

16. Fights parasites

17. Coconut oil for better digestion

18. Treating ulcers

19. Effectively heals burns

20. Anti-inflammatory

21. Getting rid of lice when combine with anise seed extract

22. Boosts testosterone and reduces swollen prostate in animal studies

23. Reduces fever

24. Furniture polish

25. Use on your pets to keep fleas away

26. Leather polish

27. Natural diaper rash treatment

28. Make your own baby wipes

29. Massage oil

30. Body scrub

31. Moisturizer

32. Lubricant

33. Warts

34. SPF coconut oil blocks UV rays by 30%

35. Athletes foot

36. Lip balm

37. Conditioning hair treatment

38. Dandruff

39. Aftershave

40. Hemorrhoids

41. Mosquito bites

42. Sunburn relief

43. Makeup remover

44. Shaving cream

45. Acne

46. Stretch marks

47. Eyelash treatment for super lush lashes

48. Homemade coconut oil soap

49. Perineal massage during pregnancy

50. Varicose veins

51. Cuticle softener

52. Start a fire

53. Season your cast iron

54. Save money and buy in bulk

The various uses of this oil have proven that you should always have this super food in your cupboards. An important thing is to purchase extra virgin organic and pure coconut oil.

More information about these benefits on RootAndSprouts.com

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