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The 8 Best Indoor Plants For Air Purification

The air inside our homes is much more polluted than the air outside. Whether your home is new or old, it can be a source of harmful and invisible toxins. These chemicals can be found in plastics, paints, cleaners, carpets and many other things and materials that can extend through the air in your home.

Three of the main threats in most homes are:

– Formaldehyde (carpets, upholstery, adhesives, paints etc.)

– Benzene (plastics, synthetic fibers, lubricants, pesticides etc..)

– Trichloroethylene (solvents, adhesives etc. )

Fortunately, nature has a way of keeping the air clean, i.e. some herbs cleanse the air of pollutants. This is especially important when the temperatures drop, because we don’t open our windows that often. In this way the air becomes stuffy, and the increased level of germs and dust can lead to deterioration of human health, developing allergies and respiratory problems. To protect yourself from these inconveniences, you can set up a couple of useful plants in your home, which will work as a natural filter. These plants are also recommended by NASA.

These are the eight plants that purify the air:

1. Ficus ( Rubber plant)

Ficus elastica

Ficus is an evergreen herb that originates from India. Because of its tropical look it is great for decorating your home. The leaves are usually broad, dark green and glossy. Studies say that it is especially good for purification of formaldehyde from the air. This plant grows in bright environments, requires regular watering and regularly cleaning the leaves of dust in order to maintain their shine. Also eliminates carbon monoxide from the air, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene and some other compounds.

2. Salon Chamaedorea (Bamboo palm)

bamboo palm

Simple elegance is the term that best describes this plant. It is a domestic plant that purifies the air. It will supply your home with the perfect amount of moisture, which is always good in winter, due to heating. Although it looks for a bright place, do not put it in a place where it is directly exposed to sunlight. During the summer put liquid fertilizer every month. This palm eliminates formaldehyde from the air, xylene, chloroform, benzene and carbon monoxide.

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