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The Best And Worst Forms of Magnesium Taken as a Supplement

As stated by the American Chiropractic Society, 68 to 80% of the US population has magnesium deficiency. The growing dependence on processed food is somehow responsible for this statistic.

That is why many people turn to magnesium supplements, but those supplements come in different forms and can provide targeted or different health benefits. Here is a look of the best and worst forms of magnesium today.

bottle of Mg

Best forms of magnesium:

– Magnesium citrate

– Magnesium taurate

– Magnesium malate

– Magnesium glycinate

– Magnesium chloride

– Magnesium carbonate

Worst forms of magnesium:

– Magnesium oxide

– Magnesium sulfate

– Magnesium glutamate and aspartate

Source: Natural News

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