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The Best Beverage Against Constipation With Only 2 Ingredients

Each of us has experienced, at least once, an unlikable episode with digestion: constipation, diarrhea or bloating. Millions of people suffer from constipation, from which ¾ are women, but the problem is often kept secret, either because of embarrassment or because of beliefs that it cannot be resolved.

Constipation is reflected by the reduced number of stool, its hardness and difficult bowel movements. The causes are usually common changes, daily living habits (traveling, temporary immobility, overflowing meals), taking some pills (eg. sedatives or drugs against stomach acid) or diseases such as diabetes, tumors, irritable bowel syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc. and also often pregnancy.


Constipation is not harmless

Constipation can cause other, very unpleasant diseases such as anal fissures (damage of the mucous membrane of the anal canal), rectal ulcer, and very often, hemorrhoids, thus creating a closed circle for which the condition is constantly deteriorating. Constipation can occur only sometimes or it can become a chronic problem if it lasts more than 6 days. Constipation is often accompanied by fatigue, because the organism does not release enough toxins from the intestinal contents. When the passage of intestinal contents is slowed down, the intestinal mucous membrane longer absorbs water and the stool becomes hard. It would be advisable to have one or two stools a day of medium consistency i.e. that are neither too hard nor too soft. This would be optional, but today it is impossible to weight it – says Dr. Shkurla. Everyone that has chronic complications with digestion and suffers from long-term constipation, Malahov advises the following natural beverage…

Malahov’s beverage against constipation – recipe


1 bunch of spinach leaves

2-3 dl soured milk


Choose quality, young, fresh spinach. Remove the stems from the leaves and wash the leaves. Put the leaves in a blender. Then add to that 2-3 dl soured milk. Mix it well. Drink one glass of this beverage in the morning and in the evening. This will fast stimulate the digestive system to work properly. Try it, it is easy, fast, well for the entire body – and it works.

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