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The Fastest Fat Dissolver: Detox Beverage That Speeds up the Metabolism and Strengthens the Immune System

The mixture of these foods is real detoxification of the organism. It will speed up your metabolism, will help you dissolve excess weight and will strengthen your immune system.

If you strive to burn fat, choose a natural way. The mixture of these few easily available ingredients will act very revitalizing for your body. All the benefits of honey are more than familiar and its combination with lemon is a real health bomb. But, in this preparation the essential “detail” for weight loss – apple cider vinegar, and the detoxifying element – cinnamon.


1 teaspoon cinnamon

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

1 tablespoon honey

2 tablespoons lemon juice

1 cup of water

The combination of these ingredients will help you burn fat, speed up your metabolism, and with it you can effectively fight diabetes and low blood pressure.


Mix all the ingredients and stir them well.

Keep this beverage in the fridge and drink it every morning, one tablespoon on an empty stomach. The results will soon be visible!

How does this work?

In fact, lemon juice which is packed with vitamin C, has an alkaline effect on the body, and especially helps regulate the pH and helps to balance blood sugar levels.

Lemon contains pectin soluble fiber, which help in the fight against hunger, creating a feeling of satiety. Studies have shown that children that include lemon give extremely good results in losing weight.

Lemon stimulates the liver to produce bile, an acid that is necessary for digestion. Besides that, reduces the bitterness in the stomach and constipation.

Lemon stimulates urination, which helps cleanse the body. In that way the toxins more quickly exit the organism and the urinary tract is cleaner and healthier.

Apple cider vinegar is rich with good bacteria and enzymes. Its acid lowers blood pressure by six percent.

Apple cider vinegar is a centuries-old elixir of life, antioxidant, detoxifier, metabolic, hypertension, secretolytic, tonic, a natural substance that stimulates the metabolism, lowers blood pressure, stimulates a number of functions in the body (stomach, intestine, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, bladder, skin and respiratory system), prevents and treats a range of diseases, and its best known use is treatment, that is the purification of blood and removal of fat from the blood.

Honey can also be used for weight loss. For centuries it has been used to treat wounds, and is excellent for the heart, skin, gynecological diseases, the immune system etc.

Reduces sore throat, soothes the nerves, stimulates digestion etc.

Honey launches metabolic changes that reduce the desire for sweets and allows fat-burning.

A scientific research has proven that the unique combination of sugar in honey makes it a perfect food for weight loss.

Cinnamon is known as one of the best antioxidants in the world. For the balance of blood sugar, it is among the best.

Cinnamon helps with poor digestion, helps reduce bad cholesterol and regulates the secretion of insulin in the blood and thus melts fat.

This beverage works great, because an appropriate ratio of all these powerful ingredients are contained in it!

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