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“The Iron Drink” With Beet Against Cardiovascular Diseases

The amount of iron in the blood reduces the risk of clots in the blood…

This way, the risk of heart attack and stroke reduces. Iron is important for creating hemoglobin, which distributes oxygen to all cells in the body, including cells in the brain. That is why we recommend this healthy “ iron drink ” to be even stronger than Popeye.


– 1 beetroot

– 1 apple

– 2 carrots

– Half a cup of broccoli

– 2 kale leaves

Wash well in cold water the fresh foods, peel the beet and carrots and cut them in pieces, and do the same with the apple. Tear to pieces the leaves of kale and broccoli. Mix all the vegetables in a blender until you get a nice and thick drink. Add a little lemon juice to taste and your drink is ready.

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