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The Male Genitals – Their Lifetime And Phases of Aging

As the owner ages, his pride also ages and changes the appearance and function. These are the phases through which it passes:

First what happens is that the penis loses its pink color. After 35 years it is fainter, because there is less blood flow. The change of blood in some people is followed with loss of pubic hair.


Men over the years grow fat, which is not the case with the lower body part, on the contrary – your penis loses in size and length. One of the reasons why it comes to this is the deposition of fat cells in the small arteries of the penis, which also reduces the blood flow to the male sex organ. The process is known as atherosclerosis, which also appears in blockage of the internal coronary artery.

As you lose the color, thickness and size, your penis is not as straight as in youth. The uncomfortable situations during intercourse or erection, as well as careless dressing, lead to minor damages to the tissue of the penis. As a consequence of poor accumulation of blood, he distorts during erection. This is called Peyronie’s disease and it occurs in middle age. It is followed by a slightly pudgy appearance and a painful erection.

As you get older the testosterone levels in your body are significantly reduced, and so the erection is weaker and more time is needed to achieve orgasm. Reaching the fifth decade of life, the amount of sperm decreases, it loses quality and volume. Enlarged prostate weakens the flow of urine and it can lead to other complications.

Numerous studies have shown that the penis over time becomes less sensitive, but experts note that all of these changes do not have to ruin your sex life.

While you can, every woman will feel satisfied and happy. In case durability is important to your partner, you can always ask for means of stimulation. But nature is nature and the pleasure is different.

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