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The Most Gorgeous Mother Reveals the Secret of Her Excellent Shape

Hilary Baldwin is a yoga instructor and wife of Alec Baldwin, that with her diet and exercise helped the famous actor lose about 20 kilos. She also revealed how she maintains her body in top shape after two pregnancies.

Hilary is a happy mother of two children – two year old Carmen and four month old Rafael. This 31 years old yoga instructor got used to a regular exercise and eating healthy, so she also passed on this habit to her family.

I nurse at any time of day and night, so I adjust my commitments to my son. I drink a lot of coconut water, because I realized it encourages the creation of milk, and then I exercise. I either practice yoga or running, and sometimes I do both”, admits Hilary, which in her leisure time loves to dance ballet.

We have two dogs, so Alec takes them on walks, and sometimes he practices yoga with me, and we also run with Carmen, so we are always on the move”, adds the yoga instructor.

The passionate vegetarian during her first pregnancy and because of the doctor’s advice, she added eggs and fish to her diet, which she still eats today with her family. On the family menu there is also plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains.

We always have breakfast together, normal things like oatmeal or eggs. Sometimes we eat the remains of dinner – for example I mix a salad of cabbage and quinoa, and I also love to prepare fresh smoothies, which is an excellent way for Carmen to eat more vegetables”, says this satisfied mom.

Hilary Baldwin had a great influence on her husband’s diet, whom she met in 2011, and in a relatively short period of time he substantially lost weight.

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