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The Most Important Vitamin for Women That Almost NO ONE has Heard About!

Calcium Paradox

According to doctors, preparations of calcium remain mandatory supplements for the therapy of osteoporosis, as well as vitamin D3, because it assists the absorption of calcium.

Until recently, it was assumed that calcium and vitamin D3 are sufficient for prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. But, new researches have shown the opposite. After entering the blood, the calcium with circulation reaches the bones, and for them to open the “door”, the vitamin K2 is required. In the absence of vitamin K2, the calcium will not be incorporated in the bones in the required amount, no matter how much it is taken. This phenomenon is called “calcium paradox”, and the consequences of this phenomenon are elastic blood vessels that are prone to rupture and porous bones, that are prone to breaking.

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Experts are not surprised by this, because for years the clinical studies indicate that the optimal work of calcium on the bones is not achieved, even when this mineral is consumed in sufficient quantities. By taking vitamin D3 the absorption of the ingested calcium is increased, but not its use.

The calcium that did not embed into the bones, settled out mainly in the arteries, where it produces calcified layers. Because of these layers, the blood vessels of the heart lose its elasticity and perish with time. Thus, increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and heart attack.

With the deposition of calcium, the soft tissues and cartilage calcify, and comes to damage of the tissue in the kidneys and breasts, to aging and cell death.

However, the vitamin K, which is also called antihemorrhagic vitamin and longevity factor, exists in two forms.

The first form is the vitamin K1, which influences blood clotting. The body cannot produce vitamin K1 in any form. He gets it through ingredients such as cabbage, cauliflower, kale, Brussels sprout, spinach, nettle, tomato, peas, soya beans, carrots, vegetable oils, fish oil, milk, cheese, egg yolk.

Deficiency of vitamin K1 has an effect on the fall of prothrombin in the blood, which makes a disorder of blood clotting and bleeding.

The other form is the vitamin K2, which is important for the metabolism of calcium.

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