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The Secret Tibetan Elixir of Youth – The Best Anti-Aging Potion Ever!


The Tibetan elixir of youth and long life is very easy to make, and a large number of doctors and medical experts praise it and recommend it. This elixir strengthens the immune system, regulates the digestive system, cleanses the liver and blood vessels, improves the complexion and reduces wrinkles. In addition, this elixir will help you to get rid of your constipation, and very likely you will never know what is thickening the blood vessels, or atherosclerosis.

To prepare this elixir you’ll need only three ingredients:

honey, olive,oil and lemon-elixir of youth

  • 90 ml. freshly squeezed lemon juice,
  • 230 ml. honey,
  • 60 ml. olive oil.

Mix the above ingredients and every morning take one tablespoon on an empty stomach. Keep it in a cool, shaded place. Using the elixir is recommended twice a year for a term of one month in the spring and fall.

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