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There is a Hidden Danger to Drinking Iced Tea

Although iced tea is one of the healthiest drinks, it can also be dangerous as it can lead to kidney stones. Researchers have established that iced tea contains high levels of oxalate, which is a chemical that leads to development of small crystals made of salt and minerals that are found in urine. Even though these crystals are usually harmless, they can become large enough and get trapped in the small tubes, which may result in blockage of the kidney vessels.

iced tea

If you frequently consume iced tea, it prevents your body from removing calcium oxalate through the urine, which may cause the calcium oxalate to form crystals in the body.

Dr. John Milner says that the most usual cause of kidney stones is dehydration. In summer, when it is very hot, people tend to drink iced tea thinking that it will keep them hydrated. What they don’t realize is that the iced tea makes things worse.

In the US, over 85% of tea is consumed iced. A lot of people replace drinking water with iced tea, which can have an adverse affect on your health.

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