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This is why YOU SHOULD Eat CUCUMBERS as Often as Possible!

The cucumbers are very healthy vegetables that eliminate excess toxins and water, hydrate the body and reduce the risk of development of some types of cancer.

Here are some health benefits of eating cucumbers, on a daily basis.

1. Cucumber eliminates toxins and hydrates the body – 95% of cucumber is water. The peel itself contains 10% of the advised daily dose of vitamin C.

2. Cucumber improves digestion and helps with weight loss – it has the ability to eliminates toxins and boost metabolism. It helps reduce excess body weight, because it contains dietary fibers and high amounts of water that release the body of toxins.

3. Rich source of vitamin B

4. Prevents bad breath – it has the ability to kill the bacteria in your mouth, which causes bad breath. Just hold a piece of cucumber in your mouth for about 30 seconds.

5. Acts as a preventive and a remedy against numerous diseases – it has the ability to prevent the development of many types of cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovary cancer and uterus cancer. Cucumber is great for diabetics, because it has hormones that stimulate the secretion of insulin, thus regulating the blood sugar levels. Also, has the ability to maintain normal blood pressure and regulate cholesterol levels.

6. Great for hair and skin – helps against skin irritation and sunburns. Peel the cucumber and apply it to affected area. If you want to refresh and cleanse the skin of your face, simply cut the cucumber into circles and place it all over your face. Contains high amounts of silicon and sulfur which will accelerate the growth of your hair.

7. Reduces cellulite – it will speed up the elimination of toxins and excretion of fluids in your body. Treatments against cellulite include drinking a lot of water every day, so you can easily include cucumber, because it contains water.

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