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Throw Away Your Glasses! The Method of Recovery of Bad Eyesight, Which Has Helped Thousands of People!

Everyone is aware that if you do not use a certain group of muscles, for a longer period of time, they become weaker.

For an instance, if a men who has his leg injured sits a long time in his wheelchair, in time his legs will start to lose their features. It is the same story for muscles around the eye lens.

If you use glasses and do not do eye exercises, your eyesight will gradually weaken. As well as other muscles, the eyes also need practice.

In the method of eyesight recovery it is important to stick to a few rules:

1. It is required to avoid hard pressure on the eyes and it is advisable to close the eyes for a few minutes every 2-3 hours.

2. It is necessary to do eye gymnastics, which is made up of these 16 exercises (track these lines with your eyes):

eye exercise

3. Completely give up your glasses.

4. Do a massage at special points daily:

– Lightly press the eyeballs with the tips of the middle finger and index finger, 8 times. Do this so that the massage does not cause unpleasant feelings. Afterwards, press these points 2 times, with the tips of the index finger.

5. When walking, it is necessary to look into the distance more often.

6. Always drink carrot juice with a couple of olive oil drops.

7. Rinse your eyes with warm water.

8. Do not use the computer 2 hours before bedtime.

9. Do the Indian exercise “Trataka” to establish eyesight:

– Focused, fixed view form is a meditation that directs the concentration on a single point (candlelight, black spot, a small object) to develop focus, strengthening the eyesight and the stimulation of the third eye, called Trataka.

– In the first phase exercise whoever applied the concentration on a symbol (for an instance, Om) or an object and constantly stares at it, pays attention to every thought and every emotion, liberating them so that the mind is cleansed and focused on the symbol.

– When the eyes begin to tear, close and relax them. The exercise consists in that you endure as much as you can before your eyes start to tear up.

– The second stage is to practice on a candle light. Trataka exercise in her reflection in the mirror is thought to be very strong, but without the guidance of a guru it is not recommendable.

– School of Yoga Bihar, in India, has issued a couple of books on meditation in which there are thorough instructions for practicing Trataka, and in “Dharana Darshan” Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati, there is an entire chapter committed to this practice.

10. Avoid stress and heavy physical effort.

– This technique has helped many people, not only to notably improve eyesight, but also completely restore the distorted eyesight.

Do not waste time, do not ignore your problem – begin the process of eyesight recovery, right now.

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