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Tighten Your Belly Just With Avoiding One Ingredient

Although it has been long considered that wheat is the main ingredient of everyday meals, you should know that it is also the main cause for overweight.

There are all kinds of diets and food regimes, removing sweets and fatty food, but the main culprit is wheat.

It is difficult to remove such an ingredient from the diet, which is a part of every cake, sandwich or slice of bread.

tight belly

But, there are some dietary guidelines that will help you to gradually select products and to know what to use and what to avoid.

You can eat these ingredients as much as you want:

–          Vegetables (except potatoes and corn)

–          Nuts and seeds

–          Healthy oils – olive, avocado, coconut, sesame, walnut

–          Eggs and meat

–          Cheese – whole

–          All dressings with no sugar – mustard, horseradish, salsa, soy sauce, hot sauce

–          Flax seeds, avocado, olives, coconut, spices

Small amounts of these ingredients are allowed:

(You can use a maximum of 100g or 100ml of these ingredients in a meal, because a larger amount may lead to elevation of blood sugar)

–          Dairy products, except cheese (dairy proteins can increase insulin secretion, but the fermentation process reduces it).

–          Fruits, especially forest fruits, but be careful and avoid the ones that contain a lot of sugar (banana, pineapple, papaya).

–          Fresh fruit juices

–          Quinoa, oats, brown rice (up to 50g per serving)

–          Beans, peas, potatoes

–          Soy products

You should avoid these ingredients:

–          Wheat products

–          Unhealthy oils – hydrogenated, sunflower and soybean

–          Gluten-free food. It is made from a starch with high amount of sugar, more than wheat

–          Dried fruit

–          Fried food

–          Sweets with a lot of sugar – chocolate, ice cream, energy biscuits

–          Sweeteners that are full of fructose and honey

–          Dressings that contain sugar, and sugar of course. 

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