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Time to Panic! Nail Changes Indicating Cancer!

We all know once we notice a stain on our skin or mole with an unusual color, shape or size, we should immediately make a doctor’s appointment. But, does the same apply to nails? Have you ever heard of nail cancer?

Unfortunately, although this rarely happens, all cancers that attack the skin can develop on the fingernails and feet. In fact, the tumor does not develop on the nail, but on the tissue under the nail plate.

Usually, a light brown line under the nail first appears, and then it slowly spreads until it becomes darker, thicker and bigger.

Fortunately, not every change on the nails is a tumor. It is usually a lack of a certain vitamin or mineral in the body or it is possibly a mechanical damage in question.

Also, some of the changes in color and texture of the nails may indicate heavy metal poisoning, lack of oxygen in the blood, problems in the kidneys, as well as other serious disorders.

Therefore, as soon as you notice certain changes in the nails, immediately make a doctor’s appointment. Whatever is in question, an examination on time, significantly increases the chances to recover from any disease or disorder.

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