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Tired and Sleepy All Day? You’re Probably Running Low on This Vital Mineral

If you are constantly tired and you have trouble sleeping, as well as finding the energy to exercise, then you lack this crucial mineral.

One of the most powerful minerals is iron and it is very important for energy, because it is the foundation of red blood cells that transport oxygen through the body – which makes clear why you feel constant fatigue.

If you are pale, that is another indication that you have iron deficiency, then you feel shortness of breath, specifically that it is short and that your heart is “pounding”.

tired woman

But, there are many ways that show that your body is warning you of the lack of iron.

Other symptoms are dizziness, headache, ringing in the ears, hair loss, struggle while swallowing, cold hands and feet, you feel an itching, lack of appetite, have disturbed sleep, stomach pain…

Studies have shown that in the risk group are fans of the gym and exercise.

The study has shown that one of the three surveyed women, who are athletes, have reduced iron, and so the most usual disease among them is clinical anemia.

Iron is essential for energy. So if, you have some of the symptoms above, be sure to go to a doctor and check your blood for hemoglobin and iron levels.

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