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Tricks, Tips and Recipes For Homemade Face Masks


Using face masks is necessary if we want to open the pores and clean the impurities in them. In addition, their application is an ideal opportunity to take at least half an hour to devote yourself, relax and enjoy… Brilliant, clean and moisturized skin is not a luxury but a mirror of our beauty, regardless of your gender, skin color and age. Make-up will be a nice fit only to clean and maintained skin.

applying face mask

7 Golden Rules For Applying Face Masks:

  1. Tie your hair into a ponytail or a bun (it’s also recommendable to put masking tape to protect your hair).
  2. Clean your face (the best thing would be to make a gentle exfoliation of the face and steam treatment with chamomile).
  3. Always apply the mask with your fingertips. Do not forget your neck.
  4. Never put a mask on the sensitive areas around the eyes and the mouth.
  5. Try to relax while holding the mask, try to lay on the bed or in the tub and just daydream. The best time to apply a mask is while you’re in the bath, because hot steam accelerates the absorption of the masks.
  6. Keep your mask on your face as long as is recommended, not more.
  7. All purchasing masks contain instructions and try to follow them…

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