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Is This The True Recipe For Happiness?


The famous psychologist Todd Kashdan explained this six things that can be considered like ingredients in the most wanted recipe in the world – a recipe for happiness! Do you think this is the right recipe for a quality life ?

1)Live in the present.

The more you can enjoy the food and flavors, nice sounds and music you love, smells and sights that probably you always take for granted, the less you’ll bored with little dark thoughts that are making us unnecessary worried. Next time you see a full moon or a sunset, take a break for a moment, or two, or five …

2) Let your curiosity lead.

Do not miss a single day without discovering something new in your area of ​​interest or in general, in the world that surrounds you.


3)Do what you love.

If you want to have a good and fulfilling life, it is very important that you do the things that are important to you and you are happy.

4)Do something nice for the others.

Give compliments from your heart, do a good deed, and when you talk to someone, try not only to listen superficially, but to really hear what they have to say. Those who live that way, know that helping people is a phenomenal feeling.

5)Work on your relationships.

You can live with someone without knowing the first thing about it. So try each day to take a certain time for your partner, someone from the family or your friends.

6)Take care of your health.

Many studies have shown that those who pay attention to healthy eating and active living are much happier in life. So eat healthy at least three times a day and take a half hour a day for exercise.


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