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How to Use The Power of Essential Oils?

From ancient times, the essential oils are used to relieve various ailments, such as anxiety, pain and acne. We bring you some of the most powerful essential oils and how to take advantage of their properties:

Essential Oils

Mint for better concentration

Inhaling scent of mint can improve concentration. One study found that peppermint oil may improve physical endurance in athletes.

Lemon for a better mood

Japanese scientists have found that those who suffer from depression can reduce the need for taking antidepressants if they regularly inhale the scent of lemon.

Lavender for better sleep

Scientists have found that the scent of lavender can reduce stress levels and improve sleep quality. The scent of lavender can also alleviate the symptoms of PMS, tension and pain.

Ginger to relieve nausea

Ginger tea can do wonders to relieve nausea, but also the inhalation of essential oil of ginger works great too. It has been shown that cancer patients feel relieve from the nausea after chemotherapy when inhaled the scent of ginger.

Grapefruit for appetite regulation

One study found that inhalation of essential oil of grapefruit can help in the regulation of appetite and thus prevent obesity and malnutrition.

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