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We Don’t Need a Gold Fish. See How This Lucky Iron Fish Can Change The World!

Just a piece of iron in the form of fish could be a solution to a global health problem…

In developing countries, the deficit of basic and essential elements in the diet is a common problem. Iron deficiency and iron deficiency caused anemia, on the other hand is a big problem everywhere in the world, not only in the developing countries.

Lucky Iron Fish

A diet rich in legumes, meat and vegetables contributes to higher levels of iron in the blood. Cooking in an iron container also enriches food with elemental iron, but in a poor country like Cambodia, where they earn less than $ 1 a day, these items are severely a big burden to their family budget.

Seeking a solution to this problem, a health worker from Canada, Dr. Christopher Charles created the “lucky iron fish”. The “fish” form is given because of the belief of the locals that fish brings happiness.

When boiling stew or soup they add in the pot the “lucky iron fish” and then strain lemon to improve the absorption. Many researches showed that the blood count of the population improved and the number of anemic people decreased.

A wonderful solution to a global problem and an idea definitely worth sharing and supporting…

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