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Weight Loss Temptation : 5 Cheap Spices That Melt Pounds Like Crazy


In addition to giving quite special and specific smell to our meals, spices have beneficial effects on our body too. They are excellent helpers for our immune system and stimulate the circulation of the body, and some of them are even helping us to melt pounds.

In our daily meals, we often use fragrant spices. Regardless of whether is a salty meal or a delicious dessert, these plants help us to maintain a healthy and vivid body. And here are those spices that we all have in our kitchen and now it’s the time to use them for melting those extra pounds:

1. Cinnamon

cinnamon spoon-cinnamon sticks
One tsp of cinnamon a day lowers blood sugar levels and promotes easy digestion of carbohydrates. It also lowers LDL (bad cholesterol) by 7 to 27 % and cholesterol in its entirety between 12 and 26 %. Its additional advantage of reducing the risk of metabolic disorders is observed in the case of pre-diabetes. But we shouldn’t exaggerate even if this spice is our favorite spice. It contains coumarin, a compound that in excessive amounts can cause liver damage.

cayenne pepper2. Cayenne pepper

This type of pepper contains capasaicin, a component that gives spicy flavor and makes it the first natural ingredient that can stimulate the nervous system to raise the body temperature. If you are not a fan of spicy flavors,you can use this ingredient in tablet form.

black pepper3. Black pepper

Together with the salt, the black pepper is the most common spice in food and least ambitious chefs. These milled black beads improve digestion and promote the absorption of nutrients. Their main ingredient is piperine which speeds up the metabolism. If you want this spice to work with all the enthusiasm, it is best to use it fresh ground 🙂 .

mustard seed4. Mustard seeds

Like all the other ingredients on this list, seeds that produce mustard accelerate the metabolism. Just a few hours after eating a meal, the metabolism speeds up to 20 to 25 %.

ginger5. Ginger

Besides its diuretic qualities, this nondescript bulbous root is also called a tonic for the entire digestive system. Enhances digestion and processing food in the stomach and acts as a strong antiseptic that balances the intestinal flora.

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