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What Are Negative Calorie Foods?

Are You wondering what are Negative Calorie Foods?

If yes, first of all, you should know there are no foods with zero calories. Negative Calories foods are foods that require more calories than what the food actually contain to be digested. Your body needs to work harder… uses more energy or rather calories…to extract calories from these foods because they are much harder for your body to breakdown and process.

In weight loss, these foods gives a tremendous natural fat burning advantage to help in natural weight loss.

negative calorie food

For example, if you eat a piece of dessert that contains 450 calories and requires about 150 calories to be digested by your body, you will gain 300 extra calories which will be added to you total body fat. Now according to this theory of negative calorie foods, if you consume 150 calories of food that require 220 calories to digest, then you will burn an additional 70 calories from your fat storage by simply eating food.

Because of these unique characteristic, you can eat plenty of these foods without worrying increasing weight. Basically, a 200 grams piece of broccoli containing 50 calories requires 160 calories to digest. This will result to 110 calories loss from the body fat.

Instead of starving yourself skipping meals or using “pill” or “quick fix” diet to lose weight…which in fact can take a heavy toll on your health…eat more of these negative foods to help you lose weight.

There is plenty of science to support the fact that raw food diet of fresh fruits and vegetables help’s in weight loss…

See the Negative Calorie Vegetables and Fruit List on Page 2 ==>

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