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What Happens Inside Your Body 1 Hour After Drinking a Can of Coke

We all turn to soda when we have some minor problems such as stomach acid, feeling tired, sluggish etc. We also know that it is bad for us, but we drink it anyway.

Drinking a lot of soda can alter the risk of certain diseases and it can affect your brain health, your teeth, organs etc. There are only a few parts of our bodies that are not affected by these sugary drinks.

Here are the effects of drinking one can of Coke:

coca cola can

First 10 minutes: 100% of the recommended daily intake of sugar hits your system (10 teaspoons of sugar).

20 minutes: The blood sugar spikes, which causes an insulin burst. The liver responds to this by turning any sugar into fat.

40 minutes: Caffeine absorption is finished. Your blood pressure raises, and your liver throws away more sugar into the bloodstream. The adenosine receptors are now blocked and prevent drowsiness.

45 minutes: Your body ups the dopamine production, the same way as heroin works.

60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds magnesium, zinc and calcium in your lower intestine.

> 60 minutes: The diuretic properties of caffeine come into play.

> 60 minutes: You will start to have a sugar crash as the rave inside of you dies. You may become sluggish and/or irritable.

The combination of sugar and other ingredients makes soda consumption bad for your health, and not just added sugar.

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